Cymdeithas Trewyddel

Cymdeithas Trewyddel organises events and activities around Moylgrove, and manages the Old School Hall. It is a charitable incorporated organisation (no. 1169424) registered on behalf of the village of Moylegrove. The charity has the following objectives, stated in its constitution:

To promote for the benefit of the residents of the village of Moylegrove and neighbourhood without distinction of race, sex, sexual orientation, or of political, religious or other opinions, by associating together such residents, local authorities and other organisations in a common effort to advance education and to provide facilities in the interests of social welfare for recreation and leisure time occupation of the residents with the objective of improving the conditions of life for the residents.

Suffering, at the turn of the millennium, from a shrinking population owing to economic forces that have affected small rural communities throughout the country, and without facilities deemed essential to a thriving community such as a pub, shop or post office, the village was faced with the loss of its final heartbeat: the school. So it was that, in January 2002, the community organised itself with the creation of Cymdeithas Trewyddel (‘CT’) a charity with a constitution, to fight against the school's proposed closure. In this endeavour, as with so many other small villages around the country, it was doomed to be unsuccessful and the school finally shut its doors in July 2003. CT, however, survived as a representative voice and began to take on further responsibilities as the need for an organised body to represent the community grew.

CT’s proudest achievement to date is its conversion of the Old School Hall (‘Neuadd yr Hen Ysgol’) for community use. The school was originally built as a ‘British School’ in about 1868 and, following its closure in 2003, the building was given (in 2008) to CT by the Lady Marcher (a descendant of the family which originally donated the site) to be used for community purposes. A grant of £156,000 was obtained by CT from the Lottery and the building completely refurbished and extended, finally opening in 2011. It is used entirely for community purposes and the trustees of CT work very hard to raise money for those purposes. With an increase in the use of the facility, and to give additional protection to the trustees, the decision was taken to convert CT into a charitable incorporated organisation and the new charity was registered by the Charity Commission on the 30th September 2016.

The executive committee of up to 12 trustees includes a Chair, Secretary, Treasurer, and other members who take on a variety of duties (such as website management).

The Committee meets at regular intervals (usually the first Tuesday of every month, in the Old School Hall) and minutes are posted on this website. Meetings are open and copies of the minutes available here or upon request to anyone who may be interested. An AGM is held annually when the trustees' term of office ends and a new one begins. New blood is always welcome.

What does Cymdeithas Trewyddel do?

Pretty much anything required of it connected to the welfare of the village. It is for instance responsible for having organised and seen through the long winded legal processes - (three years in total) - associated with the acquisition of title to the school as a community asset and construction of an appropriate trust after which it became the principal trustee.

Following two years work alongside Broadband Wales - the Welsh Assembly's body responsible for coverage of the most difficult reception areas in Wales - through a concentrated and persistent effort of representation including attempts to establish our own private system, Moylegrove became the first of the country's 35 black spots to be broadband enabled - a huge boon to local businesses.

Amongst other things it won a village speed limit and winter opening for the walkers to the facilities in the car park and it keeps a watching environmental eye on Ceibwr Bay - our village beach - for the National Trust as the number of visitors continues to grow.

Why we need your continuing support


The funds raised from all village events and raffles go towards covering the running costs and maintenance of the Old School Hall as an essential village amenity for us all to use.

With the volunteer help of willing villagers, C.T. organises such annual events as the summer barbecue, New Year's Eve party and Christmas party, along with Christmas carol singing in the Bethel Chapel followed by wine and mince pies at the Old School Hall. It also organises a growing number of social events held in the school hall throughout the year (look at the What's On page to see what's coming).

To visitors we say, you are very welcome and we aim to make your stay as pleasant and rewarding as possible. We hope you will join in the activities we promote, enjoy the peace and tranquillity of the area and respect the quality of our environment.