Moylgrove          Trewyddel

Moylgrove - or Moylegrove, or in Welsh, Trewyddel - is a pretty village on the coast of Pembrokeshire, near Ceibwr Bay. The coastal walks are stunning.

Shopping, prescriptions, and fine dining


Many local retailers deliver to Moylgrove - some on particular days. Click here for a list.

Next door need anything? If you're going out shopping, do ask a neighbour whether they need anything. By sharing shopping trips, we reduce the opportunities for the virus to spread. Stay home, save lives!

We'll go for you - If you're in splendid isolation there is a gang of volunteers eager to go for you, to get shopping, pick up prescriptions, post parcels, or do anything else out there.

Call Alan on 881752 or Sue 881825 or email

And for a great night in, why not order a takeaway! Local gourmet take-outs here.

Waste collections continue as usual, but council tips are now closed.

Hoax messages

In these confused times, there are even more hoax messages being passed around. If someone sends you a message saying "pass this on" please check the facts first. For example, there are recent messages about how to tell if you've got corona virus. These are fake. If there is no authoritative link where you can check the facts for yourself, don't pass it on. If it says the advice comes from a hospital or health authority, look on their website first.


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